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What is Shishe?

Shishe is an App Review Blog Created For Listeners.

As an early adopter of digital products, Imani Simpson, the creator of Shishe, loves tech. The original inception of Shishe was in 2016, and while the blogosphere was full of makers, these blogs were visually engaging - but not sonically. Imani wanted to change that, by creating a digital platform + audio blog to showcase tech in an exciting and relatable way. Her mission is to show how approachable tech can be. It is equally important to exhibit how tech directly correlates with our culture, enhances our everyday lives, and can even embody the environment — for those seeking the sustainable approach. In retrospect 15 years ago there were just 5 companies truly disrupting the online space. Today these companies are all apps and ones that millions of use on a daily basis. The overall Shishe mission is to provide digital customers with usable, relatable, and sharable audio tech content.


Lifestyle Tech

Discover digital products that can enhance your interests, habits and environment. Where ever you are.

Listen to Lifestyle Tech Blogs

Your tech should match your lifestyle, finding the right fit is all about discovering what works for you and what doesn't. Lifestyle Tech focuses on the right solutions to improve and enhance how you live life.

Work Tech

Your digital toolkit should make work seamless. Ergonomics aren't only to be assessed tangibly, but digitally as well. Work tech focuses on assisting you in key areas such as

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+ Management
Discover essential tools from innovative tech companies; Organize your digital dossier with tech that works for you.

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+ Process
Explore pioneering tech that will elevate your process and make it superior to others.

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+ Creativity
Eliminate the mundane out of your typical workday and discover solutions which also inspire.

Culture Tech

The parallels between pop culture and tech are evident. From meme accounts that know your soul to sneaker exchanges with the hottest drops. Pop culture went viral before HTML/CSS but thanks to the web we can share our cultural interests faster.
Stay up to date with the latest on the intersection between Pop Culture and Tech.


Ethical consumption comes in many forms, from fashion to food, and now technology.

Tech + Sustainability

Explore apps that have been built with sustainability in mind. Identify the opportunities that tech companies and programs take action on to continue encouraging sustainability in the tech realm. Listen to how this directly effects our physical world.