Feb 20, 2021
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et's talk dating apps, I've been using dating apps on and off since 2016 back when Tinder was hot on the scene. Tinder has since gotten the reputation of being a hook-up app exclusively. Especially with competitors like Bumble and Hinge who have really strong positioning statements. Bumble focuses on women and empowering them with the first move while Hinge was designed to be deleted side note Hinge is owned by Match group so that's probably why they could afford that ad spot in this years super bowl but with dating app use up 13% that alone probably paid for it. Plenty of people wonder if Hinge is a good dating app or if Bumble is better. I'd argue it depends on your dating personality. If you're a woman and unafraid of going first Bumble's your choice. If Hinge's quirky branding woo's you and you dream of deleting the app in favor of love download Hinge. It wasn't until I went on a personal case study for dating apps in 2019 that I recognized the power of finding love virtually. As someone who doesn't frequent the bar often but instead finds solace in coffee shops it was safe to say that I had very few dating prospects back then. Since Bumble was the new hot app I signed up out of curiosity but I also had a need, I wanted to take my dating life serious I wanted a partner. I had one friend actually get married off this thing and my brother even found love on a less public dating app called CoffeeMeetsBagel. Me and my brother joked that CoffeeMeetsBagel (CMB for short) are where the nice guys who drive Prius's go. I met a nice guy on CMB but it wasn't a match. You might wonder, did I actually ever find the partner I was looking for? Was true love really just one tap away? If you had asked me in 2019 I would have said absolutely I had found love and partnership. I even went as far as emailing Bumble describing my perfect first date and how I had found Prince Charming on their app. But after a few heartbreaks, WTF moments and one guy actually peeing in public on our date. I'm not as starry eyed about dating apps as I used to be. One thing for certain, filters matter in-app, don't be afraid to filter for what you're looking for, at least within the parameters the app allows like height and religion to alcohol use , you know what you want in a partner.  I suggest setting up screening calls via FaceTime or phone call to gauge the synergy. If you can't do that at least catch the vibe via text. For example I had one friend draw a hard-line at guys who would text her with green bubbles so her boundary was android users. Most of the time you know if it's a good match before the date even happens. If you're excited that's always a good sign.

The conclusion then was that it can happen and with dating app use up 13% since the pandemic obviously this method still works. It's safe to say that your version of love is just a tap away.

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